46. ELT Books for Young Learners of English

January 13, 2018

You won't want to miss this exclusive FREE children's book for ELT students!

In this podcast I have the great pleasure of chatting with Zuzana Miyahara Kratka, who is founder & publisher of the Elliot'n'Gina books. With popular titles such as Tidy Space Pirates and Spencer's Air Adventure, the Elliot'n'Gina series is aimed at young learners of English as a Second or Foreign language. Each book comes complete with its own set of activities, plus answer key!

We have a very special exclusive here on PurlandTraining.com - you can download the PDF version of Spencer's Air Adventure absolutely free - along with 4 pages of language activities based on the vocabulary in the book and the answer key! With text by Deborah Lee and Patrick Wallace and wonderful colourful illustrations by Samuel James, this full colour 32-page book is a fantastic read, with a wacky story and endearing characters.

Get your hands on the free material here: http://purlandtraining.com 

What's more, you can buy the paperback edition and check out the other great books in the series. If you click the link below you will get a generous 15% discount off your entire order - no minimum purchase required:


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"Welcome to Elliot and Gina’s Amazing Universe!

"Destination: Shell Island.

"Pack your bags and get on board Spencer’s cloud bus now if you don’t want to miss Elliot and Gina's first-ever travel adventure...!"

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